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18.04.2016 - 18.04.2016

Domchorsaal, Salzburg / Österreich

trans-Art performance
18 April 2016, 19.30, Domchorsaal, Kapitelplatz 3, 5020 Salzburg

An incipit (lat. "it begins") enables the distinctive characterisation of a text or piece of music by its first few words or bars. The title of the trans-Art performance "Incipit" is meant as a symbol for the restructuring of trans-Art, which will eventually lead to a disambiguation of the concept.

In the first half of the audiovisual performance, Astrid Rieder will draw on her sketchbook to music by Sofia Gubaidulina, Georgina Derbez and Jagoda Szmytka, interpreted by Eva Zöllner on the accordion.... The drawing process is projected life onto a wall for the audience to witness like in a video.

After a short break, the two artists will create a graphical composition (Zeichenkomposition). Now there is no written piece of music any more. Astrid Rieder will draw on large-scale paper on the wall. The creating artists communicate through their physicality on a level playing field. Their common situation and reciprocal reaction creates a new dimension for the reception of the pieces of art.

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