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Landscope. Part II, Salzburg

Einladung: Landscope. Part II, Salzburg. 2008 [Abb. Didier Rittener, sans titre, 2003]

05.10.2008 - 15.11.2008

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Salzburg, Salzburg / Österreich

Landscope, the exhibition and book, intend to call into question the art historical precedent of the correlation between landscape and drawing. The exhibition thus assembles, in two successive shows (Paris and Salzburg), over one hundred works, often in atypical formats, by artists for whom drawing is often just one medium among others, and landscape, a non-exclusive genre. Under the neologistic title "Landscope" - a contraction of "landscape" and "scope" [from the Greek skopein "to behold, to observe"], landscape is regarded as both a site and a view....



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